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News October 19, 2017

Chelton Brown Top Ten Tips for Letting out your property:

Maximise your chance of letting your property quickly with our top ten tips for letting out your property.


Chelton Brown Top Ten Tips for Letting out your property:


1.       First impressions count! Keep the front garden tidy, clean the front door and tuck the bins away. A little injection of colour like a hanging flower basket will help volumes.

2.       Conduct any DIY you have been putting off e.g. repair that broken cupboard door.

3.       Remove personal effects and memorabilia. Tenants like to be able to see themselves and their belongings in a property.

4.       Clean all surfaces, carpets, walls with marks on, all woodwork and grouting.

5.       Neutral décor throughout will make the property seem bigger and less intimidating.

6.       Have neutral flooring in good condition e.g. no worn carpets/deep scratches in wood.

7.       Have an attractive kitchen and bathroom suite. Update by changing the handles to something modern and replacing work tops will give it a new lease of life.

8.       Leave modern white goods which are user-friendly.

9.       Buy an air freshener and have a fresh smelling property.

10.   Have a breakdown of household costs e.g. heating, electricity, water and council tax as most tenants are cost conscious.


We would be happy to help as have had great success in letting other properties in Daventry.


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