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News November 22, 2017

The Perfect Combination

CHELTON Brown clients can always be confident that whatever their query is, the person they speak to will be able to help; because we have worked very hard to ensure all members of our team have the knowledge and ability to do so. Qualification with experience is certainly a combination that can enable a person to become an expert in their field. At Chelton Brown, we always keep this in mind when it comes to training and developing individuals. That is why we encourage and sponsor all members of staff to attain the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) technical award.
ARLA Licensed letting agents have their accounts inspected regularly, carry professional indemnity insurance, are expected to understand and comply with legislative changes and best practice, undergo regular training and comply with the professional standards laid down by ARLA.

The technical award is not easy! It requires four to six months of dedication and consistent effort. The syllabus is considerably detailed and there are four units (exams) with a minimum passing grade of 70 per cent. We therefore arrange study sessions for all candidates during work to allow them to prepare effectively.
Currently over 80 per cent of our staff have attained the technical award and our aim is to make it 100 per cent.


Having been in the lettings industry for over 40 years, Chelton Brown possesses a wealth of experience, which is reflected in the systems, processes and policies by which we operate. We are also very fortunate to have a diverse team, ranging from members with over 30 years of experience to fresh apprentices, therefore not only do all members benefit from the experience of the organisation but also from each other.

Therefore, next time you call Chelton Brown, you can be sure that we can help!

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