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News June 19, 2018

We all enjoy the feel good factor don’t we?

By Kate Buswell – self-appointed and self-titled Head of Fund Raising at Chelton Brown


We all enjoy the feel good factor don’t we?


Here at Chelton Brown we not only get that from doing our jobs to the highest standard and feeling rewarded for it but also by our regular fund raising events held in the office. We support a number of charities that include sponsorship of the annual Cycle for Cynthia bike race for Cynthia Spencer Hospice as well as smaller scale, but just as special to us, events.


We love to have a bit of fun at Christmas supporting Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children and is proof that everyone, without exception, can ‘rock’ a Christmas jumper /dress adorned with antlers of your choice.


Our fund raising seems to have developed a theme involving mainly cakes or basically anything delicious! Our most recent triumph was Cup Cake Day for Alzheimer’s Society when we baked (or faked) and sold cakes and other delights to staff, contractors and anyone that visited the office (we seemed to be very popular that day) and raised over £50 for a most worthy cause.


We have supported the Red Nose charity as well as Red Lippy Day last year for Dementia UK. The girls looked fabulous in their red lipstick and Edward didn’t look bad either!


Children in Need have also benefited as unfortunately our waist lines have not.


I’m sure that when the emails I send drop into the inboxes of all Chelton Browners they are thinking ‘what/how much does she want now?’ But every time they pull it out of the bag and do us all proud. It gives the overwhelming pride of giving something back especially to charities that have affected some of us personally - myself included.  It brings us all together on a different level which is fantastic for staff morale and uniting departments.


I never cease to be amazed by the support and enthusiasm shown by my colleagues. Giving something back is a good feeling and is great to know that I work with such a generous and kind hearted bunch.


My eternal gratitude to all that have supported our chosen charities, we can’t do it without you.

Thank you.

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