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News July 30, 2018

Final Inspections

When Chelton Brown fully manage a property on your behalf, we will carry out an inventory including photos of the condition of the property prior to a new tenant moving in.

The inventory is provided to the tenants at move in and they are asked to check they agree with the contents and also to add any comments that they feel are necessary.

When the tenants vacate the property, a final inspection is carried out to ensure the property has been returned to inventory standard. This will highlight any cleaning, carpet cleaning, gardening, damages, missing items or items left which needs to be disposed of.

Once all the information is compiled into a final report, this is sent to both the tenants and the Landlord whilst we obtain quotes to rectify any issues. Some issues we may recommend an allowance for rather than full cost to repair/replace. This is because we are unable to ask for ‘betterment’ which would be replacing old with new without considering the age and allowing for wear and tear.

Chelton Brown will liaise between both parties to agree deductions to be made from the tenants deposit. The deposit cannot be used until the tenants agree. If an agreement cannot be made, the tenants have an option to raise a dispute with the scheme that the deposit is registered with.

This is just one of the benefits of using Chelton Brown’s fully managed service level.

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