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News November 13, 2018

New Reporting a Repair system

Chelton Brown have now gone live on our new Reporting a Repair software called ‘Fixflo’. This means all tenants can now report all repairs that they have at their property online via our website.

This will provide detailed reports to enable us to fix issues quickly and efficiently and offer easy tracking/recording of their repair request. As a Landlord you will also be notified of all issues and be able to track the status of all works.

With this system it is quick and easy to use, photos can be included by the tenants when reporting an issue and it is available to them in over 40 different languages. They can also advise if they wish to be present or not when a contractor attends which means fewer wasted journeys for the contractor and also to ensure the works are carried out as soon as possible.

When tenants report an issue which they are responsible for, the system will notify them of this and provide advice on self-resolution.

Ensuring an efficient and excellent service at all times.

Visit our website or call our office for further information Daventry 01327 879431 or Northampton 01604 609379


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