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Every tenant over the age of 18, entering one of our properties must be referenced to ensure they can meet our criteria e.g. affordability of the rent. Once the application paperwork has been completed and the relevant documentation proof provided the referencing process will be initiated.

All of our references are done by a company called Rent Shield Direct. The reference procedure will look at the following:

  • A Credit Assessment
  • Employment History
  • Proof of Residence


Damage Deposit

A damage deposit is taken to protect the landlord from damage to the property which falls outside of normal wear and tear. The money is taken at the beginning of the tenancy and registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) for your protection. The money is fully refundable, however should there be disputes upon the final inspection that cannot be rectified it can be taken to The Dispute Service. The Dispute Service is a mutual party and will look at all evidence before deciding what amount will be deductible, if any, to the landlord.


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