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Property Valuation

First Steps

One of our experienced team members will discuss with you your expectations and the level of service we offer.

It is likely that you have questions about the process of selling, and you may even be thinking whether or not selling your property is the right thing to do at this stage.

We will conduct a comprehensive valuation to give you the most accurate price range for your property, along with our expert advice on the options you have. This will answer many questions that you may have at this stage and give you an honest and realistic picture of the potential of your property.

The Valuation

You can count on us when we talk about ‘accurate price range’ and ‘expert advice’ because we take this very seriously. We will take into account a number of factors to identify the correct price range. The key factors we consider are as follows:

Comparables: prices of similar properties in the area, currently on the market and recently sold

Historic price data: the Regional and National trends in house prices over the years.

Market forecasts and wider Economic Factors: general predictions for the housing market, demand, supply, house prices, mortgage rates and availability, recent legislation and any other macro factor that may somehow impact the value of your property.

Local knowledge: Location, Neighbourhood, regional demand and any events or developments that may impact the value of your property.

The property itself: Age, condition, improvements, extensions and any special features that influence the value of your property.

After the Valuation

Our ultimate objective is to achieve the best price possible for your property from a willing and able buyer within your preferred timescale. The final decision regarding price is yours, our valuation and advice is only to guide you and help you make the right decision.

We will confirm our valuation in writing free of charge and look forward to receiving your instructions to proceed, when the time is right for you.

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