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Managing Enquiries & Viewings

The Market

As the Marketing of your property begins, we anticipate enquiries soon after. Different properties generate different levels of interest and therefore the volume and frequency of enquiries will mainly depend on the type, location and condition of the property. However, since we advertise your property using various media and as prominently as possible, you can be confident that any prospective buyer who may be interested in your property will certainly get to know about it.

Enquiry Sources and Matching

We get enquiries through phone, email, social media and in person at both branches. Enquiries are of two types, specific ones, where a potential buyer enquires specifically about your property and general ones where potential buyers register with us, explaining the type of property they are looking for and we proactively match them to available properties.

Qualifying Enquiries

As soon as we get someone who is interested in buying your property (a specific enquiry or a suitable match) we speak to them in detail to make sure they qualify to potentially purchase your property and schedule a viewing.


All viewings are accompanied by one of our representatives, who familiarise themselves with the property particulars before the viewing in order to answer any queries that the viewers may have.


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