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News June 15, 2018

Home Security During The Hot Summer Months

Of course it is important to ensure your home is secure all year round but during the long hot summer days/evenings we all like to stay cool!   However, it is important to know that in around 25% of summer burglaries, access is gained via windows that are not secured, mostly at the rear of the property.

It is also quite shocking to realise that some opportunist burglars access properties via an insecure front door while residents are in the back garden; enter doors that are closed but not locked whilst the residents sleep and car keys and other valuables can be hooked out through open windows/letter boxes & cat flaps using telescopic grabbing  tools.  How many people leave car keys/house keys on the hall table?

As a tenant, it is usually a condition of the tenancy to use locks and alarms fitted to ensure theirs and the landlords property and contents are secure.   If a burglary happens and an insurance loss adjuster can prove that access was gained via an insecure door/window it may invalidate the insurance and a tenant could be held responsible for any losses the landlord has sustained.  It is essential therefore that tenants take out insurance for their own belongings as the landlords insurance will not normally cover them for their loss.

Security check list:

·         Ensure that windows and doors are closed and locked when you are out, even small windows.

·         When out in the garden ensure that the doors and windows to the front of the house are secure

·         Don’t leave valuables on display within easy reach from front door/windows

·         Make sure all barbecue and garden equipment is securely locked in a garden shed/garage. Tools/ladders could be used to gain entry to the property!

·         If going away on holiday, don’t post on social media your travel plans

Chelton Brown can provide information on competitively priced contents insurance for tenants that is tailored to their needs. 

Please call us for more details on 01604 603433 or 01327 879431.

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