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To obtain gross return, the value of the property needs to equal your total actual investment.

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Example, 2 bed flat worth 100,000 generating a rent of £650 pcm:

Value of property (this is the full estimated value of the property) £100,000

Your actual investment would normally be the mortgage down-payment and any other expenses related to the purchase of the property, in this case say 25% which would be £25000 

Monthly rent: £650

Monthly mortgage payment, in this case the amount mortgaged is £75,000 (at 5% for 25 years) the monthly payment would be approximately: £315

Maintenance costs per year say £1000

Agent fee (taking our Platinum service as an example): £295 + 50/month: £895

other expenses: £250

This would give you a return of £1875 per annum, which is 7.5% of your actual investment.

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